Pisa and Lucca Tour

Explore Lucca's Roman heritage and Pisa's iconic tower on an 8-hour journey. Walk the fortified walls of Lucca, admire historic landmarks, and savor local treats. In Pisa, marvel at the leaning tower, visit Piazza dei Cavalieri, and soak in the riverside charm. A day of history, culture, and picturesque landscapes awaits.





8 hours


Quoted price includes:

– Pick up and drop of directly from your accommodation
– Visit and free time visiting the Miracle square and the leaning tower
– Free time in lucca
– English speaking driver
– Brand new minivan with AC
– 8 hours

Not included:

-Wine tasting on your request.

Experience 8 hours of this exciting trip to Pisa and Lucca Tour

The first part of this amazing tour includes Lucca, a quiet town of Etruscan and Roman origin, enclosed in solid walls dated back to the XV Century. Here you can enjoy strolling or going for a ride on a bike. The amphitheatre, the beautiful churches, Giacomo Puccini’s house and many other historic monuments are its main point of interest. Fillungo Avenue leads the visitor directly to the centre where you can look around at the haute couture boutiques and small stores. Do not miss some sweet specialty and a good glass of wine: pastry and wine making are so renowned in this area. In the second part of our fantastic tour we reach Pisa where you can enjoy the famous Piazza dei Miracoli with the incredible leaning tower, the Torre Pendente, the Romanesque cathedral and the baptistery. I show you the most important part of the city, including the Piazza dei Cavalieri and lungarno with the typical old palaces.

We see in detail the Pisa and Lucca Tour

09.00 am – We leave straight from your location and we reach the beautiful city of Lucca that was built by the Romans. A circle of fortified walls envelops it and evokes its historical importance. You can have a walk and enjoy the panorama from a very unique point of view. Here a lot of citizens stroll at dusk and keep fit by running or riding a bike. It is a very suggestive meeting place and allows you to enjoy the city from the top. Passing through one of the five big doors you enter the medieval city. Our Walking Tour starts in Fillungo Avenue and passes by many boutiques and Giacomo Puccini’s Café. You will surely notice the citizens’ inclination to use a bike and the resulting hush of the city centre. Our relaxed walk leads us to the famous Torre degli Orologi, built in 1390, to old palaces and shops and to a very old Cafè where Giacomo Puccini usually hung out. He was from Lucca and was born here in 1858.

Walking through this main road we can reach many important monuments: the Roman Amphitheatre, San Martino Dome, San Michele church that was obtained by the ancient Roman Court. In the end we can visit Giacomo Puccini’s house, a typical example of the developing Renaissance architecture.
Lucca has a big offer of typical Italian restaurants where you can enjoy the city and taste Tuscan specialties.

After lunch we leave Lucca and keep on the tour by reaching our second stop-over: Pisa. Travel time is about 25 minutes.
The itinerary develops along the Arno River where you can admire the longest river in Tuscany with the diverse architecture of the palaces all around. We will arrive at the second biggest square in Pisa: Piazza dei Cavalieri . It was built in 1140 and originally it was the political core of the town. It was completely rebuilt in 1558 thanks to the Italian architect Giorgio Vasari that was the project creator. Here we can stop for a while to take some pictures and to feel the touch of ancient times.


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